Cloud Dog Photography
Norfolk, Va
Specializing in local Photography Services in Norfolk, Virginia and Hampton Roads
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My job is capturing those stunning moments of joy-excitement-purity will never forget

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Pricing/Hourly Rates

Photography (Includes Photoshop/Lightroom Processing) - $65 per Hour
4k Videography (Documentary w/ No Cuts and Mixed Professional Sound) - $105 per Hour
Animal Companion Still-Photos range from 50-250 dollars but do not hesitate to ask if you are a charity or have a justifiable need for our services, we love to help our community!

We also do Weddings, Events, Sports, Portraits, Senior Pictures, and Much More!

Need a drone pilot?

Meet the Owner
 I am Mitchell Howard, a Former Air Force Broadcaster now Photo and Video Producer. 
The idea to open Cloud Dog Photography was inspired by the joy that a quick visit to the dog park gives my best friend, Cloud. Every time we drive or walk near dog parks, he struggles to contain his excitement. When he finally gets into the park, he comes alive. With split-second Photography or slow-motion Video, you will see a side of your friend that is truly amazing. ​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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